Welcome to the Old Dutch Cemetery of Greenville

P1040961Welcome and thanks for visiting.  This is a brand new blog and website of the Greenville Community Church. Our goal is to restore and renovate our historic cemetery.  Founded in 1840, our congregation has the unique opportunity to both preserve the past, support the present and build the future.  We are very forward-thinking, but live in a present, practical place.  Join us for the journey – it’s ambitious but guaranteed to be interesting and fun.


Drawing of our original Sanctuary and Parish House on Central Park Avenue in Greenville

The cemetery incorporates a lovely peaceful four acres of land on the hilltop up above the Edgemont High School playing fields and the collection of shops and business behind 580-590 Central Park Avenue and Old Army Road.  It was once the hillside behind the original sanctuary and parish house of the Greenville Community Church.  The first land was donated by Gilbert and Elizabeth Underhill, the largest landholders and farmers in the community.  In the subsequent years many other gifts of land were added by the Leviness, Dusenbury, McAllister, Tomkins, Peters and Beatty families.

We live in an old place – George Washington’s troops marched through and the land was explored by the early Dutch and English explorers.  The path the Edgemont High School students walk along to get to school or to buy lunch at Burger King has been travelled by folks in the local community for over two hundred years!  But much in Greenville that was old has been turned into something new.  We’re closing in on a century of rapid development and suddenly the past seems precious – because there is so little of it left.  Here on the hillside, ringed by trees, you can almost imagine a community of farms and forests.  It’s a nice place to visit and we encourage you to do so.

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