Dr. McAllister


The Scarsdale Inquirer admired Dr. McAllister, our neighbor to the north from 1904 to 1919, in a notice published September 8, 1904 (to the right).

Dr. John McAllister was a notable member of the community in the early years of the twentieth century.  He was a leading surgeon in New York City and attending physician for the Harlem line Railroad. With his wife, he spent summers in Greenville and winters on 48th Street in New York.  Mrs. McAllister performed solos in the Greenville Church’s choir, was active in church and civic leadership and later in life made a gift of land to the Church.

Dr. McAllister and his family had a number of horse- and auto-related incidents while living in their summer home on Central Park Avenue near the Greenville Church.  Here is one which occurred while moving into his summer home.  Look for a full story one day soon.



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