Current News ~ Winter 2015

We have much news to share and in the days to come we will update some of the most important items –

  • Breath of Spring, the premier landscaping company in our area, donated two days with a full team of amazing men and equipment to restore a significant number of monuments which had been damaged by vandals in the 1970s.  Stories and pictures to come!
  • New Cemetery Sign for our historic cemetery path walkers – the path from Central Park Avenue up past the cemetery and into the Edgemont High School playing fields has been in use for well over two hundred years.

    Cemetery Sign

    Historic Greenville Cemetery Sign

  • Website Update – We are finally rebuilding the website and updating the content.  Visit us to see the progress!
  • Ancestry – We are in the process of creating a community genealogy of the Greenville / Edgemont community from the days after the Revolution through the birth of the modern world.  It is currently called the Greenville Church Family Tree.  In time we will have information about everyone interred in the Historic Greenville Cemetery, family members and community stories.
  • Facebook Page – Visit our vigorous Historic Greenville Community Cemetery page where many of the newsworthy features and fantastic photos are posted.  We have 78 followers and would love for you to join us, friend us and keep up-to-date with homegrown approach to preserving local history.