The Story of the Angels – update

UPDATE ~ We had a successful fundraiser using the beautiful angel tile below hand-carved and made by nationally-recognized ceramic artist Linda Ellett of L’Esperance Tile Works.  We have a few of these lovely tile ornaments available if you missed the opportunity to buy one and support our renovation effort.  Drop us a line and let us know you are interested!


We are launching our first, and so most important fundraiser for the Old Greenville Community Cemetery, a historic resource in the heart of Greenburgh’s lovely Edgemont Community.  For a tax-deductible donation of $20 we will give you a beautiful artisan tile ornament commissioned just for this purpose.  The full story is below!

The ornament measures 2 1/4″ by 1 3/4″ and has a secure ribbon attached which makes it perfect for hanging on your tree or on your wall is a lovely artwork.

We are still working out how to create a payment link so in the meantime, please email Liz in the office to arrange payment and to have your ornament and tax deductible form mailed to you or send your check to this address and we’ll take care of the rest:

Liz Follen, Office Administrator; Greenville Community Church, 270 Ardsley Road, Scarsdale, NY 10583 (914) 723-1266

The Story of the Angel Tile

And Our Cemetery Project

Who made this tile?

Cloister's Angel

Cloister’s Angel

We approached nationally known ceramic artisan Linda Ellett, founder of L’Esperance Tile Works in upstate New York, to create a porcelain tile, based on the angel image we had chosen to oversee our Old Greenville Cemetery website and Facebook page.

Over the past three decades, Linda’s company has restored and recreated historic ceramics tiles and ceramic architectural elements for statehouse floors, capital building columns, cathedral vestibules and historical homes’ fireplaces.  She also has a special gift for carving angels.

How was this tile made?

L'Esperance Angel Tile

L’Esperance Angel Tile

The Angel from the Annunciation porcelain tile ornament is based on a pulpit relieve carved from Carrara marble and inlaid with serpentine, created around the end of the 12th century in Tuscany, Italy. The original currently hangs in The Cloisters.

The image of this angel was hand-carved in “holy wax” from candles used in the Greenville Community Church.  From this wax carving, a plaster mold was poured.  After extruding a thin slab of porcelain clay, the plaster mold was pressed into clay and the tile was cut around the edges.  After drying and curing, the edges were sponged.  The tile was fired, cooled, glazed with a transparent azure blue green crackle, and fired again.  A lot of work for a little piece of art! Each one is slightly different – because they’re handmade!

What are you raising funds for?

Jonathan Appell

Jonathan Appell


We are restoring the historic Old Greenville Cemetery to its former beauty.  Laid out in 1842 along with the original Greenville Reformed Church building on Central Avenue in Scarsdale/Edgemont, NY, the Cemetery today is an oasis of peace and a repository of local history just yards away from a busy commercial district.  For a tax deductible donation of $20 you can take home this handmade tile as a reminder of our local history.  Not only will you be supporting our work, you’ll be helping support a small business in upstate New York that is carrying on a centuries-old tradition in artisan tilemaking.

Some of the funds we raise will be used to engage Jonathan Appell, a pre-eminent restorer of historic cemeteries, to train us in properly repairing some of the broken monuments and help us with our plans for further restoration.



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