To Our Path Walkers

We have begun a restoration of this historic property and we encourage you to become involved.  Contribute your time, talent or attention!  Many hands make light work and the result will be a lovely and unique place for your respectful use and enjoyment. We have put up a new sign to welcome folks who would like to use our footpath to go from Central Park Avenue to the Edgemont High School playing fields and to ask for their help in taking care of this historic property:

Stephen Underhill

Stephen Underhill Monument

  • Keep an eye on our cemetery. If you see mischief, please report it to the police (914 682-5300).
  • Help protect the path. The church keeps this private road open for community use, but vandalism, litter, misuse or abuse would make it necessary to close both the road and the path to Burger King.
  • Learn more about the cemetery. Like us on Facebook (Historic Greenville Community Cemetery) and visit our website (
  • Watch our progress. We continue to improve the cemetery grounds and we’re gradually repairing and cleaning the broken headstones and monuments.
  • Join us! Helping to return the cemetery to its former beauty is a great community service project. There are several areas where we could use assistance: historical research, fundraising, landscaping and more.
Cemetery Sign

Historic Greenville Cemetery’s New Visitor & Path Walkers Sign

The job of restoring this cemetery is a labor of love — not something that town taxes support — so please help us out.  We accept donations of funds, time, talent and welcome new friends into the effort.   Give us a call (914-723-1266), send us an email ( With your help, we’re looking forward to a day when the Old Dutch Cemetery of the Greenville Church will once again be a dignified resting place for our ancestors and a peaceful, beautiful sanctuary for everyone in the community.

We are interested in your thoughts!